• "Is my reservation of 500 PHP refundable?"

    YES, The 500php reservation fee is consumable during your appointment/ deductable to your total studio bill. HOWEVER, It is NON-REFUNDABLE in case of cancellations/no-shows.

  • "Can We Bring Our Own Jewelry?"

    Yes, as long as they are the following:

    • Biocompatible in Material (Solid Gold, Implant-Grade Titanium, Bioplast, Glass, etc.)
    • Sterile - Sealed in a sterile pouch with positive indicator. (Ex. Brown/Dark Green for autoclave-sterilized, Yellow for E.O. Gas-sterilized)
    • Appropriate type (Ex. Flatback for helix)
    • Appropriate Length & Gauge (Initial Jewelries are required to have a certain extra space, while downsizing jewelries need to be a proper fit)
    Can We Bring Our Own Jewelry? 
  • Gentle Reminder

    Gently reminding everyone that we do not allow children, especially toddlers, inside our studios. Aside from the presence of hazards inside areas designated for body modification procedures, we have so many experiences already with children banging our glass cabinets/ glass counter/shelves, picking on random displays, tearing/peeling off parts of our wallpaper, jumping on our sofas with shoes on, & tumbling racks/ other upright items. We beg everyone to actually follow signages placed outside our door. The studio is not a space for children Thank you very much.


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