AU001 - Bendable Hoops

AU001 - Bendable Hoops

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Piercing placement: Daith, septum

Specification: 16G, 8mm

Material: Bioplast

Jewelry type: bendable hoops



1. All jewelries being sold here are hypoallergenic. Make sure to avoid buying jewelries whose gauges are bigger than your piercing holes or else it will cause itch & discharge upon stretching.

2. Barbells can be difficult to screw & unscrew. Sometimes it takes tissues or towels to create grip strong enough to unscrew them. Barbells tighten clockwise and loosen counterclockwise.

3.Labrets are flat backs with the front ends being the locks.

4. Daith jewelries posted are either Captive bead rings or clickers. Captive bead rings require tools. Clickers are easy to use.